How to image for Biogeneric Copy with CEREC Primescan/Omnicam

Biogeneric Copy is the design mode of CEREC SW/ inLab SW that allows you to copy parts of the scan into the final restoration. This feature helps the clinical/dental technician accurately copying the mock-up like I have briefly mentioned in this feature in "Accurately copying your mock-up" post. If you haven't please go read that post before continuing.

Below is the diagram that sums up the process. In this post I will go into details on how to image for a Biogeneric Copy case with CEREC Primescan/Omnicam

Step by step process for copying the mock-up using an intral-oral scanner

Administration Phase

By chosing "Biogeneric Copy" before selecting the tooth, a new image called "Biocopy Upper/Lower" will be available in the "Acquisition Phase". I've selected 4 upper incisors in the case below:

Select Biogeneric Copy Mode in Administration Phase - CEREC SW 5.1.x

Acquisition Phase

Step 1

Start with scanning the lower jaw, the upper jaw with mock-up already in place and the occlusion.Please notice that I've selected the Upper Jaw image even though I'm scanning the mock-up. CEREC SW 5.1 can only occlude jaws in Upper Jaw and Lower Jaw image.

First round of scanning - CEREC SW 5.1.x

Step 2

Use your touchpad or mouse ball to drag-and-drop the Upper Jaw image into the BioCopy Upper image then select Copy. Go back to Upper Jaw image and use Cut tool to remove the teeth in the working area. In this case, they are 4 upper incisors.

Step 3

Prepare the teeth like you normally would.

Step 4

Scan the final situation in Upper Jaw image. The result should look like this. Notice the BioCopy is superimposed onto your prepared tooth.

Final impression, mockups are superimposed onto the prepared teeth - CEREC SW 5.1.x

What to do next?

With these information, now you can send this case to your favorite dental laboratory or design the final restoration yourself that is accurately resemble your mock-up.

Have fun practicing dentistry!

Khoa Nguyen
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